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A museum for everyone 

Come and discover once-familiar railway objects and tools and re-enactments that recreate the typical railway atmosphere of the old time. On three floors, you will meet the machinist, the ticket picker, the train attendant formerly known as the chief guard, the trackman or the police officer ... .


Tools used in the past for the construction and the maintenance of the tracks, the maneuvering of switches, old lanterns with oil or acetylene, maps of the Belgian network of the last century, photographs and posters of the past, a whole collection of kepis and uniforms, the famous briquettes of coal, typical telephone sets that communicated from one station to another. All these objects of the old time are witnesses of this history of railways. An exhibition is also devoted to the International Wagons-Lits Company and its legendary trains with the reconstruction of a wagon, the marquetry, the silverware and the porcelain used on the trains, or the monogram of the company. . .


Of course, we have not forgotten the children who will rejoice in front of a magnificent model train network and will try to learn to drive by taking the controls of a train station simulator. The basement highlights the resistance of the railway workers during the 40-45 war, a resistance that deeply impacted the plans of the attackers.

And the stone?

Jemelle, it is also the village of limestone thanks to the establishment of Lhoist industry, lime producer in Jemelle since 1924. The principle of extraction of limestone, the process of making lime, its derivatives are widely developed. The regional subsoil full of resources allows to learn about the geology, rocks, fossils and minerals encountered.

A little thirsty?

We also thought about it and we offer you to taste in particular an excellent Trappiste de Rochefort in a typical railway atmosphere!

We are waiting for you ... a few steps from Rochefort, for a visit full of nostalgia and memories.

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