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The idea

In late 1995, inhabitants of Jemelle launched the idea of ​​creating a place to evoke the glorious era of railways in Jemelle since the development and prosperity of the village were directly linked to the trains.

Indeed, the Jemelle train station is located halfway between Brussels and Luxembourg, was ideally located to place a maintenance workshop for railway equipment and to provide an optimal supply point for water and coal. The population quadrupled from 1850 to 1880.

The « Fous des Rails » association created in 1996 wants to perpetuate this history so that we do not forget the extraordinary adventure of the rail history in Jemelle.

From exhibition to museum

In 1997, the founding members had exhibited during 5 months the object of their passion at the Jemelle variety room. Due to the popularity of their idea, it was then decided to create a permanent exhibition around this theme. The initiators contacted their network at SNCB and the Lhoist group to collect photos, objects, tools, documents ...


Thus, the Center of Rail and Stone was born in the premises of the former town hall of Jemelle on September 01, 2000.

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